Facade membranes

Facade membranes protect facades. Their effect is unspectacular and concealed, but crucial for the preservation of the structure. Under the actual facade front, for example under wooden cladding or openly designed facade components, our membranes ensure the facade remains wind- and waterproof while allowing a vapor permeability that ensures that the walls remain dry and the facade constructions can unfold their energetic, positive effect. And this is a long-term effect even in places exposed to a considerably higher, decomposing UV radiation due to joints in the facade face (e.g. wooden battens and between aluminum plates).

Our fire-resistant facade membranes are available in weight classes from 170 g/m² to over 300 g/m². The membranes in the heavy and highly UV-resistant variant are available in different colors. This gives you the possibility to realize your design wishes and give your property just the right "kick."