New products

Newest developments of our abrasive backings here:

From many customer meetings, we know that the price pressure is extremely high, especially in volume business. The solution here is to find a very good price/performance ratio so that even particularly price-sensitive applications in the areas of manual griding and belts can be used.

Our development goal was to develop abrasive backings that 

  • can cover multiple areas of application and thereby facilitate logistics,
  • are easy to process
  • have adjusted performance parameters
  • will remain highly available in the future due to standardization and, above all,
  • are highly attractive economically.

This development has brought forth two backings of the latest generation based on previously unused fabric designs:

  • A highly flexible cotton backing optimized for use in economy rollsnarrow belts and sheets.
  • Secondly an X-polyester/cotton fabric backing for multi-purpose use as a short, normal and long belt.

Please feel free to contact us for further details!