Textile based abrasive belts are very frequently the product of choice when it comes to belt grinding. This applies equally to professionals and to amateur grinders.

The reason for this is the usually hard conditions to which filing belts and narrow, short, and long belts are exposed. They have to prove their performance both in wet and dry environments and in the grinding of both contours and surfaces.

Eratex products of this material group offer you application-specific elongations and strengths, high sturdiness, and high tear strength, even with strong mechanical loads. The excellent connection between the backing and the grain/bonding agent layer allows you to achieve high removal rates and a long service life.

Our product range offers you backings for all grain types ranging all the way to high-performance ceramic grain. The surface qualities are always balanced to the grain range.

And our backings naturally allow flexible use for your conventional joints, regardless of whether they are glued overlapping or edge-to-edge.


The following materials are typically processed using tools of this material class:

Essential product properties

A product of this class typically has the following characteristics: