Training at Ernstmeier enjoys a long tradition. This is based on the one hand in the responsibility of each company to promote junior staff. But our great need for specialized workers and the complexity of the tasks also entail customized training.


While our training efforts over the last few years were especially invested in the commercial area and the development laboratory, our current focus is in training machine and plant operators with an emphasis on finishing. Especially in production, we are facing a demographic change that will mean that we will lose a lot of expertise in the coming years.

The path we have set is to occupy ourselves early on with succession planning so that especially our long-term employees can transfer their valuable know-how to their successors, ensuring that the knowledge stays in the company even if our long-term employees go into their well-earned retirement.

If you have questions about training at our company, don't hesitate to contact us.

Trainees training to become machine and plant operators with an emphasis on textile finishing have their say:

Training at Ernstmeier: Diverse – instructive – different.

Actually we're both from Bielefeld. For that reason, we hadn't planned to do training in Herford. We found about about the free training positions at Ernstmeier through the employment agency. We didn't know about the company before. We were familiar with training for "machine and plant operators". But the focus on "textile finishing" was new. But ultimately this is precisely the exciting thing about it: In the company, we learn a lot about chemicals and their properties with respect to fabrics, about the machines and the role they play in the individual production steps. In the vocational school devoted to textile vocations, it goes even further: Here we learn a lot more about textile products and processing procedures.