Flap discs

Over the last few years, the flap disc has firmly established itself as a suitable tool shape for the grinding of metals from steel to brass and especially for machining weld seams and deburring. In this time, a wide variety of specific products have been developed with various disc materials, grain types and flap designs in order to do justice to diverse demands and requirements ranging from industrial applications to hobby crafts.

Depending on the application, users rely either on service life or a high initial removal rate – properties that are codetermined in particular by the textile base. Uniform flap wear in conjunction with very good adhesion allow you to use the flap discs for heavy-duty applications with low or high pressure depending on the abrasive grain being used for grinding.

For safety reasons, there must also be a good connection between the flaps and the plastic or glass-fabric discs to ensure the "bursting test" is passed.


The following materials are typically processed using tools of this material class:

Essential product properties

A product of this class typically has the following characteristics: