Segmented belts

Large segmented abrasive belts are always used in the industrial grinding of wooden boards. Both for calibration and for rough and precision surface grinding, the heave belts are manufactured on the basis of polyester backings or paper/textile combinations.

Our backings for this abrasive category are typically very rigid, making the finished belt easier to handle. The belts have an antistatic finishing that causes less grinding dust generated during the grinding process to accumulate on the belts, thereby reducing necessary cleaning cycles.

Moreover, they have an excellent surface quality, very good gliding properties on the back and are optimized for use with our graphite slideway coatings. The positive consequences of this are the long service life of the abrasive belt and thus increased productivity for your customers.


The following materials are typically processed using tools of this material class:

Essential product properties

A product of this class typically has the following characteristics: